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Aloha Parents! Driver's Education has changed drastically from when we ourselves were student drivers. During my driving certification, I was amazed at how driving tools and techniques had progressed and improved since I learned years ago. In our day, it was drive until you get it right. This would have ultimately resulted in bumps,dents or scratches on mom and dad's car. (If it was Grandpa's car, you hoped he wouldn't notice!)


Reference points, precision driving, point of no return, targeting, stale green or red. Do any of these terms ring a bell with your Driver's Ed training? Nope, I never heard of them until now because they didn't exist when we took Driver's Ed. These new methods have been created to help new drivers cope with the pitfalls of driving in a faster and more hurried pace that we live in today. Driving for us now is very easy (we've been practicing a lot longer). For some new drivers, it can be a very scary and nerve wracking experience. Once your child learns these new skills, they will quickly be on their way to becoming SAFE and COURTEOUS drivers. We not only cover driving skills, but topics such as road rage, drugs & alcohol, effect of tired drivers, distractions in the car, etc.

WWDA instructor Steven Wong

Your Instructors



My name is Steven Marc Wong Sr. and I'll be one of your Driver Education Instructors. Don't let my handsome good looks fool you, I'm all business....the business of teaching you how to become a safe and courteous driver. I have 30+ years of driving experience and I am certified by the Hawaii Department of Transportation (Instructor ID No. 369) to teach underage students. Minors under the age of 18 years cannot obtain a Hawaii Driver's License without certification from a Hawaii DOT Certified Instructor....that would be ME!!! Don't worry, I teach adults as well and I'm even more patient with them.


Since this is my private business and I am not employed by any Government or State Agency, I'm proud to say that my family and I are of the Christian faith. We welcome all faiths/no faith and we will not discuss religion unless somehow it pertains to driving. Just know that I will silently pray for us before we get behind the wheel.

-Steven Wong

WWDA instructor Steven Wong



My name is Matthew Wong (Instructor ID No. 499) and I'll ALSO be one of your Driver Education Instructors. The handsome guy above me, Steven Wong, is my father. I was actually part of his very first driver's education course with several of my friends when I 16 years old. I now have 10+ years of driving experience in Hawaii and I am also certified by the Hawaii Department of Transportation to teach underage students.


My educational and professional background is in Psychology, Communications and Higher Education. I have a passion for teaching and truly enjoy working with students. You will primarily see me in the classroom and may occasionally work with me on Behind the Wheel instruction.

-Matt Wong




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