Course Curriculum

We follow the ADTSEA 3.0 Curriculum that references the AAA "How to Drive" textbook and features enhanced lesson plans and content, new content topics, new videos from AAA and other organizations to meet the objectives, enhanced visuals and enhanced learning activities and worksheets.  Each unit now features words to know, video review worksheets, unit review questions, a definitions page, and a words to know match-up worksheet.


The ADTSEA 3.0 Curriculum has been approved by the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation and requirement for Teen Driver's Education Certification. Classroom sessions will total 30 hrs of instruction. Behind the Wheel will be 6 hours of instruction.

The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA) is the professional association which represents traffic safety educators throughout the United States and abroad.


Members of the association include:

  • State Supervisors of Safety Education

  • University Professors

  • Elementary and Secondary School Teachers

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists

  • Commercial Driving School Teachers

  • Police Traffic Safety Personnel

  • Corporate Representatives


As a national advocate for quality traffic safety education, ADTSEA creates and publishes policies and guidelines for the discipline. ADTSEA conducts conferences, workshops and seminars and provides consultative services. The organization also develops educational materials.


ADTSEA has over 1,000 professional and corprorate members and is located at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Highway Safety Center, Indiana PA. The association provides its members with a national office which represents the interests of members by keeping track of legislation on safety matters and lobbying for legislation to support driver and safety education.

Course Code of Conduct

  1. Don't miss class or driving lessons. You must receive the full 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of Behind the Wheel training in order to receive your certificate of completion.

  2. Do NOT be late. Not only do you miss out on material, it's really unfair to your fellow classmates.

  3. Eating and drinking will be allowed only on class break and in designated area.

  4. Cell phones. Not in class and definitely not in the car.  You can check your message and make calls during class break or between driving lessons. 

  5. Student must have on their possession a valid Hawaii learner's permit before each BTW lesson.

  6. No slipper or high heel/bottom shoes for behind the wheel training.  Shoe bottom must NOT be more than 1 inch. 

  7. Be ready to learn!


Per Hawaii State Law

According to Hawaii State Law, Chapter 19-122-251(5), students under the age of 18 years of age cannot complete a Driver's Education Program and certification in less than a 6 week period. Don't be fooled by others who may entice you into thinking you can finish their Driver's Ed course in a couple of weeks. It's not only illegal but could be cause for revocation of your certification. Let's take our time and learn correctly. Learn the WONG WAY!!!