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This is the form that your parent or legal guardian must sign and swear that the anxious-under-age-permit-holding-student has received 50 hrs. of additional driving. 40 hrs. daytime, 10 hrs. night time. This form must be notarized by a Notary Public before I can accept it. No, the 6 hrs. Behind the wheel driving by the instructor does not count toward any of those hours. Sorry!

Print out log and fill in the minutes you drove. Add them up and when you get to 2400 minutes daytime, and 600 minutes nighttime, you finished driving your 40 hrs / 10 hrs of driving. (pdf)

This Excel file will add up your driving minutes for you when you input them.

Here it is, DIY (Do It Yourself) Road Test. Have mom, dad or whoever has been driving with you test your skills. Good Luck!!! If you go over 15 points, try again!!!

PDF of Hawaii Driver's Manual if you don't already have one or don't want to buy one.

This Excel file will add up your driving minutes for you if you input them.

DMV Practice Test Hawaii

Here's a practice test to get you prepared for the real thing! 

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