Hawaii Baptist Academy

Summer Driver's Education Course

Study For Your Permit Exam

Don't have your permit yet? Study Hawaii's DOT Driver's Manual before you go!

Be sure to read through the manual and study the questions in the back.

The exam will consist of 30 questions and you cannot miss more than 6. Good luck!

Get Your Permit

You've studied Hawii's DOT Driver's Manual and you're ready to take your exam! 


Now it's time to schedule your Permit Exam date and time! Go to AlohaQ Online to register!

Behind The Wheel Registration

Now that you've finished your Classroom Certification and have your Hawaii State Driver's Permit, it's time to get your Behind the Wheel Certification!


Obtain your Behind the Wheel Certification with us by signing up HERE!

HBA Classroom Certification Registration

Complete the HBA Classroom Certification Registration Form

HBA Teen Driver's Education Curriculum

See the course curriculum by clicking the link below.

Unit Quizes - HBA Class 1

Access the course Unit Tests by clicking the button below.

Wong Way Driving Academy - Student Driver Availability

Please fill out this online form to give us a general idea of your availability to drive during the week.

50 Hour Driving Log

Keep track of your 50 hours of driving with your parents! Download the log here!

Remember, you must drive at least 40 hours during the day, and 10 at night.

50 Hours Practice Form (to be Notarized)

Finished your BTW training and 50 hours of additional driving with your parents? AWESOME, let's get you your certificates!

To receive your Classroom and BTW certificates, please have this form filled out, notarized and submitted to your instructor. Please call your instructor to schedule an exchange date.

NOTE: You can go to your local bank and they can notarize it for you for FREE!

Schedule Your Road Test

Now that you have your certificates, it's to schedule your exam date/time!

Go to the Department of Transportation's website to schedule your road test. Reminder, you must have the following in order to take the road test:

-Active Driver's Permit (held for at least 6 months)

-Classroom and BTW certificates

-Accompanied by licensed driver who is 21+ years old

-Valid Vehicle Registration

-Valid Vehicle Safety Check

-Valid Vehicle Insurance

RECOMMENDATION: You may see that the next available appointment is not for another few months. It's common that registrants drop out of their appointments or reschedule. Check in DAILY for earlier openings.

WALK-INS: If you plan to do a walk-in road test examination, we recommend you still register for a future appointment online, that way it saves time when you reach the counter. DMV's open around 8AM, but we recommend you get there early. Lines typically start forming around 5AM and keep in mind that you are NOT guaranteed a spot.

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