Getting Your Permit


Before you go down to get your permit, I hope you have been studying the Hawaii Driver's Manual. If you need one, you can buy one at Long's Drugs usually located at the front near a checkout stand or by the magazine rack. You can download one for free here:

Hawaii Driver's Manual

If you can answer all the questions in the back of the book without looking for the answers in the text, you are probably ready.  Good luck and call me when you are ready to get behind the wheel!


General Requirements For Driver's Permit Applications


  1. Both parents (married, separated or divorced with joint custody).

  2. Divorced parent with custody papers.

  3. One parent, spouse deceased.

  4. Legal guardian(s) with Court Documents.

  5. Foster parents with Court Documents.

  6. Responsible person(s), if parents deceased.

  7. Employer, if parents deceased and no responsible person(s).

Note: For minor applicants between the ages of 15.5 through 17, a certified copy of the minor's birth certificate is required to establish proof of age and to determine who may sign the parental consent.



  1. U.S. Territorial Driver's License (expired/valid with photo).

  2. U.S. Passport only.

  3. U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Document/Card.

  4. Alien Registration/Refugee ID Card.

  5. State of Hawaii ID Card w/photo.

  6. Military Documents: Consular Report of Birth and U.S. Military issued Certificate of Birth (SF-240/SF-545).

  7. State Certified Birth Certificate with both parents listed or State Certified Birth ID Card.



  1. Original Social Security Card (no copies or metal plates).

  2. Driver's License w/Social Security Number and photo.

  3. State of Hawaii ID Card w/photo.

  4. Military Documents: ID Card or DD-214.

  5. Medicaid ID Card (Suffix A only).

  6. Income Tax Return Form W-2. Note: Name and social security number must match your present and legal name.

  7. Other documents may be required as needed by the Examiner of Drivers. ID w/photo required when applying for services.




  1. Written Test - $2.00

  2. Instruction Permit - $5.00

  3. Instruction Permit Renewal - $5.00

  4. Duplicate Instruction Permit Renewal - $5.00



The above information was copied from the website. My suggestion to you is to make sure you have everything ready before going down. It'll save you a trip, trust me. The following is my version of what to do.


Signature for Minors

The easy thing to do is get an application form first. (from one of the state licensing offices) Have someone run in and get the form. Do not stand in line, get form from the counter.  I have extra copies so if you see me with all my classroom stuff, ask me for one.

OPTION 1 - have parent(s), and/or guardian if required go to a Notary Public and sign the form. Once notorized, take it down to apply.

OPTION 2 - both parents can go down and stand in line at the licensing office to sign the application. (bring ID)

OPTION 3 - If parents are separated or cannot be in the same place at the same time, have 1 parent sign the completed form (except for the last signature), take it down down to the licensing office. Tell them to hold it and another parent will come down to sign the remaining signature.

Option 4 - If one parent is out of state, you will have to send it to them for signature and notorization. Have the form sent back to you for completion.

I may not have covered every avenue of guardianship here so if not, you may have to seek further assistance on this matter.


Get your Hawaii Birth Certificate

When I took my son Steven II down for his permit, they wouldn't except his passport even though it is listed. Don't know why but save yourself the trip, bring a birth certificate. If you don't have one, get one. Hawaii born students can click the link below to go to this website and order one:


Hawaii Birth Certificate


You won't be able to download your birth certificate but it will be mailed out to you.


If you were born out of state and have no family to get one for you, here is a website for you to order one at Keep in mind that there is a fee for these services.


Proof of Social Security

Bring in the orignal card. If you lost or can't find it, go to the Social Security Administration office (Federal Building) and get a duplicate. To save some time, go to:


Download an application and fill it out before going down. It shouldn't cost you anything to get a duplicate as long as you haven't exceeded 3 request for Social Security card duplicates in a 10 year period. They'll mail it to you. Mine took about one week. If you never had one, you will have to apply for one.



Bring cash or check. I don't believe they take debit or credit cards yet but I may be wrong. $2 for the test, $5 for the permit card, if you pass the test. Know that they will be taking your picture, so be sure to wear a nice shirt/blouse and comb/brush your hair.

My Personal Experience Experie

Sept. 19, 2006, a day that will live in infamy. Ok, so we made and appointment for a road test which was 8:00 am on this day of infamy, and we endured rush hour traffic to get there. My son gives them his permit and so far so good. I give the lady my registration, safety check and insurance card.  I'm waiting as she meticulously goes over each letter, each character, each blemish of my documents. Oh, oh, there's a problem. My insurance card (Wong Way Driving Academy) doesn't match my car registration (Steven M. Wong).

"Sorry, we can't accept this."  

"What?  The Vehicle Identification Number, license plates, address and everything else is on there."  


So we drag ourselve back home and I find my Certifcate of Insurance which has Steven M. Wong and Wong Way Driving Academy on it. Awesome, must be my lucky day. We get back into rush hour traffic and make it back to the City Square office.  Guess what?  Yup, it has to be an insurance CARD. My paperwork gets handed to a "supervisor" and I get the typical response, "According to Hawaii Statute yada, yada, yada." 


I guess what gets me is that I'm certified to teach Driver's Education.  My car has enough insurance to cover a small villiage in Thailand. It's been inspected and has passed the Department of Transporation standard for behind the wheel instruction for under aged drivers, Criminal Background checks, fingerprinting and everything short of a body cavity search and my vehicle isn't qualified to have a Hawaii State Driving Examiner in it? Go figure. Ultimately, it was my fault for not checking everything prior to going down. I took one for the team so please learn from my mistakes.


Making An Appointment 

I would recommend you make an appointment HERE before going down to avoid being a "walk in". It will cost you $8 via a credit card to make the appointment. If you change date or time, make sure you do it before your appointment or you'll have to pay $8 again. I believe the same goes if you fail and have to go back. Make sure your permit is current and if you are under 18 years, you will need a Certificate of Completion for Driver's Ed Classroom Training and Behind the Wheel Training.  That's 2 certificates which can be acquired here at Wong Way Driving Academy.


The Rules for the Driving Test


  • A current and valid Hawaii instructional permit is one of the required documents that must be presented on the date of the appointment.

  • Applicants must be accompanied by a licensed driver who is 21 years of age or older, and will be required to be present when the applicant is called by the examiner for the road test and until the completion of the road test.

  • Current vehicle Certificate of Registration (temporary dealer registrations are not acceptable).

  • Current Hawaii motor vehicle insurance identification card in accordance with Section 431:10C-107, Hawaii Revised Statutes. 

    • NOTE: The name(s) and vehicle identification number on the insurance card must be the same as shown on the Certificate of Registration. 

  • The vehicle must meet all safety inspection standards by having the current Vehicle Inspection Certificate and inspection decals present on the vehicle.

  • Rental vehicles must have the original Certificate of Registration and Hawaii motor vehicle inurance identification card.  The applicant's name must be listed on the contract.

  • New vehicles must have the:

    1. Sales contract

    2. Current temporary license plate attached to the vehicle

    3. Certificate of Vehicle Inspection Certificate/decals and

    4. Hawaii motor vehicle insurance identification card.

  • Use of company vehicle for road test:  A letter (on company letterhead) authorizing the named applicant the use of a company vehicle for the road test, signed by an officer or authorized person of the company.  The letter shall include the applicant's name, vehicle description (license plate number, make and Vehicle Identification Number) and date used for the road test.

  • Applicants under the age of 18 must also present the original State of Hawaii Driver Education Certificates of Completion for BOTH classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.

  • Holders of valid foreign driver licenses of a participating country of the "1943 and 1949 United Nations Convention on Road Traffic and Convention on the Regulation of Inter-American Automotive Traffic," respectively, must present a valid international driving permit or a valid passport, i.e., stamped by the I.N.S. with an entry date of less than one year into the United States of America at the time of the road test.

  • Photocopies and facsimile copies are not acceptable for the aforementioned documents.


Road Test Score Sheet

For those who really want to know, here are the point deductions that the Road Test Examiner uses. (at their discretion)



  1. Failed to keep to the right - 2 pts.

  2. Improper lane of traffic - 5 pts.

  3. Speed excessive for conditions - 5 pts.

  4. Fails to yield right of way to other users of  highway or pedestrian - 5 pts.

  5. Headcheck - 5 pts.

  6. Inatentive to signs, signals or traffic lights - 5 pts.



  1. Fails to signal - 2 pts.

  2. Fails to signal properly - 2 pts.

  3. Fails to get into proper lane for turn 5 pts.

  4. Fails to move into intersection when waiting to make left turn - 5 pts.

  5. Swings wide/short right - 3 pts.

  6. Swings wide/short left - 3 pts.

  7. Incomplete / rolling stop - 5 pts.

  8. Stoplines / crosswalks - 5 pts.

  9. Poor judgement approaching at intersections - 5 pts.



  1. Failed to observe or use caution - 5 pts.

  2. Unable to park - 5 pts.

  3. Excessive space in parking - 5 pts.

  4. Excessive maeuvers in parking 5 pts.

  5. Parks too far from curb -2 pts.



  1. Repeated stalling - 2 pts.

  2. Throttle Control - 5 pts.

  3. Poor steering control - 5 pts.

  4. Delayed braking - 5 pts.

  5. Abrupt braking -5 pts.

  6. Unfamiliar with gears / shifting - 5 pts.

  7. Poor clutch control - 2 pts.

  8. Rolling on grade - 5  pts.

  9. Reaction to emergencies - 5 pts.

  10. Too slow - 5 pts.



  1. Accident

  2. Dangerous Actions

  3. Serious Violation

  4. Refused to Follow Instructions


To obtain a City & County of Honolulu Road Test Score Sheet, go to the Forms/Downloads page. Have your driving mentor test you while you drive and feel free to let me know how you did. 


Rescheduling Your Appointment  

Rescheduling your appointment via the Internet may only be accomplished prior to 6:00 a.m. of the appointment date.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, and unable to access the Internet, please notify the location where the appointment was scheduled at least one business day prior.


Outstanding Violations Note: 

Applicants' records are electronically checked against the State Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) file to ensure compliance. All outstanding violations must be cleared with the State Traffic Violations Bureau before you can obtain a driver's license. The process may take several days to clear the electronic records, and road test scores are valid for only 30 days, so please plan accordingly. Failure to obtain either a clearance letter from the TVB (covering the proper violation period) or having TVB clear your violation record on the electronic files within 30 days of passing the road test will result in your having to retake the road test.


For information on clearing your driving record, please contact the State Traffic Violations Bureau at 1111 Alakea Street, Second Floor.  Telephone number is 808-538-5500.

Getting Your License