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HBA - Driver's Ed 2

Unit 1 Test

Introduction to Novice Driver Responsibilities and the Licensing System

Unit 2 Test

Getting Acquainted with the Vehicle

Unit 3 Test

Understanding Vehicle Control: Starting, Steering, and Stopping

Unit 4 Test

Traffic Control Devices and Laws

Unit 5 Test

Vision and Space Management

Unit 6 Test

Basic Maneuvers in a Low Risk Environment

Unit 7 Test

Risk Reducing Strategies for Different Driving Environments

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Unit 8 Test

Sharing the Road with Other Users

Unit 9 Test

The Effects of Distractions on Driving

Unit 10 Test

Adverse Driving Conditions and Emergencies

Unit 11 Test

Impaired Driving

Unit 12 Test

The Effects of Fatigue and Emotions on Driving

Unit 13 Test

Travel Planning, Loading, Towing, and Driving Special Vehicles

Unit 14 Test

Tire Safety and Maintenance

Final Exam

Final Exam

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