Hawaii Graduated Licensing Program

On January 9, 2006, Hawaii law established a three-stage graduated licensing program for drivers under the age of 18. The program allows beginning drivers to develop their driving skills over time as they gain experience and maturity. Key elements of the new “provisional” stage include limits on unsupervised late-night driving and the number of passengers allowed during unsupervised driving.

In order for teen drivers (ages 15½ through 17) to become eligible to sit for the Hawaii State driver's license road examination, teens must satisfactorily complete a State certified driver’s education course and possesses the classroom and behind-the-wheel certificates.

Wong Way Driving Academy is a State certified driver's education course, consisting of the following requirements:

  • 30 hour classroom instruction

  • 6 hour Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) instruction

    • Hawaii State law also requires teens to complete an additional 50 hours (40 daytime, 10 nighttime) of supervised practice with your parents. These additional 50 hours do NOT need to be completed BEFORE the start of the classroom session.

    • The 50 hour Affidavit will need to be completed AND notarized in order for the instructor to issue the BTW certificate.

Upon successful completion of these courses, students shall receive BOTH classroom and BTW certificates.


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