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Pedestrian fatality raises concerns over Nimitz Highway crosswalk

March 03, 2020

HONOLULU(KHON2)–A fatal pedestrian accident Monday night raises safety concerns about a crosswalk on Nimitz Highway.

Police said the motorcyclist was speeding when he changed lanes to pass cars that were stopped at a crosswalk waiting for pedestrians. The motorcyclist, who was not wearing a helmet, killed a 50-year-old female walking inside the crosswalk. The motorcycle rider was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Cars caught on camera illegally overtaking school bus

January 01, 2020

HONOLULU (KHON2) - It's happening way too often and it's against the law. We're talking about drivers overtaking school buses when children are getting off. It's a nationwide problem that's plagued Hawaii's communities as well.

Turning right on red could become a thing of the past

February 01, 2020

HONOLULU (KHON) - In 2018 there were 43 pedestrian fatalities compared with 15 a year ago, a 187 percent increase. In the first month of the year the pedestrian death toll is at six, versus four a year ago.

To protect pedestrians, Mayor Kirk Caldwell asked lawmakers to look at eliminating a driver's ability to turn right at red lights on islands where the population exceeds 500-thousand -- meaning, Oahu. 

The bill and others like it have the support of Walk Wise Hawaii.

Woman speaks out on hit and run and says, "I'm so lucky I wasn't in my car"

November 29, 2019

HONOLULU (KHON2) - Imagine parking your car in front of your home and then the next morning finding it in front of your neighbor's driveway, and it's damaged. That's what happened to a Waipahu woman.

"I'm so lucky that I wasn't inside my car. That I'm safe," said Jocelyn Galamgam, the hit and run victim. "I was surprised and I was just shocked that my car got pushed to our neighbor."

She caught video of the incident and filed a police report after she realized what happened.

Tips on how to be a safer driver

September 24, 2019

HONOLULU (KHON2) - There have been a startling 87 traffic deaths so far this year. The state says the number of fatal pedestrian crashes is up more than 500% from last year.
This morning, we were joined by Steven Wong, driving instructor with Wong Way Driving Academy, to get some tips on how you can be a safer motorist and pedestrian.

Woman receives $72 ticket after honking her horn at a police vehicle

A woman honked her horn at a vehicle, then got a ticket for it.


It happened in Waipahu, at the intersection where Farrington Highway meets Mokuola Street, by Tammy’s Polynesian Market.


Lynette Atuaia says she used her horn, thinking another driver was about to cut her off and cause an accident.

Should buses and other large vehicles be kept out of the fast lane?

Should buses or tractor-trailers be allowed to drive in the fast lane? A state lawmaker doesn’t think so.


Rep. Cedric Gates of Waianae says people have complained to him about large trucks drifting on Farrington Highway into oncoming traffic. He says this is just one reason he wants to ban large trucks and buses from driving in the left lane.


Steve Wong of Wong Way Driving School says he always tells his students exactly what the left lane is for.

Family calls for caution after car ignores flashing school bus, kids waiting to cross highway

A family is urging drivers to stop for school buses before it’s too late.

Caught on camera: Driver nearly crushed while tending to stalled vehicle on freeway shoulder

A driver jumps out of the way seconds before his stalled vehicle is rear-ended on the H-1 Freeway, the entire incident caught on camera. We wanted to know what should a driver do in this situation, so we showed the video to Steven Wong of Wong Way Driving Academy.

KHON2 News: What Drives You Crazy - Facebook LIVE Interview with Howard Dashefsky

Howard Dashefsky sits down with driving instructor Steven Wong of Wong Way Driving to chat about what drives us crazy out on the roads.

What drives you crazy? Top pet peeves on the roads

There are roughly 1 million vehicles on Oahu’s roads today, according to the Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association.

With all those cars comes a greater sense of frustration, anger, and danger.

How to avoid road rage incidents and keep them from escalating

Experts say road rage incidents usually start out as a minor argument that can quickly escalate into a tragedy, but it’s easy enough to avoid with a few simple rules. KHON2 spoke with a driving instructor who says you just don’t know how others are going to react to the slightest things. He says take the high road and avoid any type of confrontation.

HPD: Inattentive driving caused chain-reaction crash on H-1 Freeway

Honolulu police say inattentive driving caused a crash involving multiple vehicles on the H-1 Freeway Wednesday morning. The incident occurred just before 7:30 a.m. in the left westbound lane in Waipahu.

New bill aims to curb road rage by outlawing aggressive acts on the road

Hawaii has seen its share of road rage. One incident earlier this month lead to the stabbing of three people on Oahu. Now there’s a push to outlaw bad behaviors on the road.

Why reverse parking is illegal for some stalls, but encouraged in others

There’s been strong reaction following our exclusive report on a law that makes it illegal to back a vehicle into certain parking stalls. Now we’ve learned there’s even more confusion in another area where drivers are encouraged to back into stalls.

Driver wrongly ticketed at confusing Aiea intersection

An Aiea driver made a right turn on a red light after stopping, which should be legal, but got a ticket for it.

The police officer told her it’s not a real right turn. She argues that it is a right turn, and so do many other drivers.

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